Leaders Forum

It’s like having your very own non-executive board for the day

Get together with a small group of business owners and directors to take time out to think about the issues affecting your business – time away from the office, with an experienced professional coach and business people who’ll listen, question and offer support. Time well spent, helping you get clarity, a plan of action and peace of mind.

“Like having others attending my own board meeting, the difference was they were impartial and had no financial gain.”

Russell Solts

Managing Director, Smart Electrical & Data

Time to think and take action

Running any business is a challenge.

There are so many things to do and so many things to think about.

It’s easy to get bogged down or stuck; become overwhelmed with the scale of the problem or the number of options available; delay or procrastinate.

And there’s often no one around who you can share your thoughts with.

It’s easy to drift, to keep doing what you’ve always done, even when it might not be working.

Joining our Leaders Forum can change all that.

How does the Leaders Forum work?

You will have the opportunity at the start of each quarter to take time out, away from the office, to think about the issues affecting your business.

We focus on each person for an hour, so everyone has time devoted to their business. When the conversation turns to your business, you set the agenda.  Issues raised at past events have included strategy, business model, relationships, leadership style, and motivation.

You choose the issues which you’re currently facing. We’ll help you understand them, decide on your priorities and the action to take.  We’ll challenge and above all, we’ll encourage.

The half-day sessions are restricted to up to four non-competing owners, directors and senior executives allowing all conversations to be confidential.  Like-minded people, happy to share and completely independent, so you get an unbiased perspective.

It’s like having your very own non-executive board for the day.

And I’ll follow-up with you by phone or email to check that you have taken action – keeping you accountable and ensuring you keep moving forward.

And of course, whenever you have business people in a room together you build relationships and develop new contacts.

“I got a huge amount out of the Leaders Forum which is a brilliant initiative. I found Neil to be a great listener, facilitator and mentor.”

Laura Jackson

Kernel-in-Chief, The Popcorn Shed

“A safe, non-competitive environment for us to openly discuss our issues.”

Stewart Peart

Managing Director, Applied IT


Each session is a half-day – from 8.30 to lunchtime; with lunch provided if you’d like to continue your conversations.

The sessions are informal and we meet at easy to reach venues in central London; different environments to encourage different conversations.

Each session is just £250+VAT

We agree a place to meet, that is quiet, confidential, and convenient.

At the end of each session, you’ll have identified what action to take and we’ll follow this up the next time we meet.  If you’ve taken that action, we’ll ask “what next?”

And if you haven’t, we’ll ask, “what happened” and “what next?”

That way you’ll build momentum, address any setbacks that may occur and deal with new issues as they arise.

“a way for businesses to exchange ideas, solve any difficulties they having e.g. lead generation, staffing issues and reaching your real objectives, both personally and professionally. His approach allows you to focus on what really matters to you. Professional and personal development at its best! Thank you Neil.”

Thushara Polpitiye

Employment Law Solicitor and Managing Director, Astute HR

Get in touch

So if you’re interested, let me know and I’ll confirm the dates for up-coming sessions.

“a brilliant platform for brainstorming with experts from different sectors”

Katie Gibbs

Managing Director, MyMindMatters