Is your life the way you want it?

If it’s not, then it’s possible to achieve it by changing the things you’re doing.

I can’t guarantee how quickly or how easily you’ll do it, but if you change your thinking, attitudes, behaviour you give yourself the best chance of making it happen.

That’s where coaching comes in – to help you achieve the things you want, or get rid of the things you don’t, so that you can live the life you want.

Working with a professional coach will help you understand your current situation, your problems and challenges, your ambitions and desires. You’ll acknowledge the blocks and barriers getting in the way; and most of all, you’ll focus on solutions – your options and opportunities, your next steps and further action.


I still use the tricks you used on me, to help get clarity.  With me feeling I’m in control, I have come on leaps & bounds.”

Nick Peck

Cost Manager, CBS Repairs

We offer our coaching in two ways: 1-to-1 – just you and your coach – or as part of a small group in our Leaders Forum.

1-1 Coaching is more confidential, it’s very focused and great for addressing very personal issues.

In the Leaders Forum you have input from 3 or 4 other business leaders so you can learn from their experience and encouragement as well.

Either way, we’re independent so our only agenda is to see you succeed.

We act as a sounding board to challenge your thinking, show you a different perspective, provide encouragement and build confidence. And we’ll provide tools and techniques to help you make decisions, take action, and become resilient.

We’ll hold you to account so you take steps forward, keep going if you have setbacks, build momentum, and make progress.

We believe that you’re fully capable of finding the best way forward – you just may not realise what you’re capable of.

Does this strike a chord?

Take that first step forward and get in touch for an initial phone conversation.

“I approached Neil following a recommendation to assist with some work and personal challenges. He’s been a fantastic help in focusing on what is important, identifying issues and addressing them. It’s always a pleasure to meet with him, he’s a great listener, even when discussing technical issues or complicated hierarchies. His business card says it all: “Chief Encourager”. I couldn’t put it better. Thanks Neil”

Peter Hayden

Senior Investment Manager, Amundi

“Neil takes the time to create a comfortable atmosphere where goals and objectives can be explored and if necessary challenged. He has a realistic and pragmatic approach, which is so important in the coaching arena.”

Veronica Mann

Chartered Financial Planner, Facts & Figures Financial Planners

“I took the role because the company were not hitting their financial targets & I was telling people that they were doing things wrong.  So I was asked to create the role & get back in the black.

I’ve now been doing the job for 2½ years & in that time, I have helped exceed (our) Gift Aid targets. It is a great feeling, knowing that I’m making a difference for a lot of people.

I still use the tricks you used on me, to help get clarity.  With me feeling I’m in control, I have come on leaps & bounds.”

Nick Peck

Cost Manager, CBS Repairs

What happens next?

If you’d like to have that first meeting – get in touch.