Case Studies

Dev Nayak

Dev is the Managing Director of a successful IT support company.

He had progressed from Head of Delivery to Managing Director and needed support to become more effective as a leader and make real changes that had a tangible impact on his business.

His story

“I was leading the company and trying to develop as a leader by learning more and more stuff, but it just didn’t translate into better performance. The coaching process helped me make clear decisions about what needed to change and it gave me the accountability to make it happen.”

Lisa Tesselaar

Lisa felt stuck in her career path and wanted to become a director in a traditional accounting firm where only accountants had ever become directors before.

Her story

“When I started to work with a coach I expected someone to give me all the answers. I soon realised that I first had to take a giant leap backwards to work out what my real hopes and dreams were. I would recommend that if you’re stuck or facing one of those big challenges in life a good professional coach will give you the tools that you need and a framework can use again and again to find your way forwards.”

Lisa achieved her ambition to become Director of Marketing.

Thushara Polpitiye

Tosh is a great employment law solicitor who decided to startup a different kind of law firm (Astute HR). With it came all the pressures of running a business and still having time for the important people in his life while keeping focused on the dream.

His story

“Neil Kirby helped me focus on the things that are important. Coaching brings a different perspective that we cannot get by ourselves because we can only see what we can see.”

His business and family life are both thriving.

Make it happen

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