About Neil

I found my red rubber ball

I’ve been described as an explorer. I love to see people thrive. And I simply aim to provide others with the opportunity to learn, grow and succeed.

In my life I’ve achieved more than I thought possible when I started. I haven’t won any Olympic medals, climbed Everest, or skied to the South Pole. But I’ve done many of the things I wanted to do – made good money, travelled, had lots of adventures, climbed mountains, written books, met amazing people, built a charity that’s put 148 Kenyan children through school and had a lot of fun along the way.

But I didn’t know this when I set out. I had no idea what I wanted to be, do, or have. And it doesn’t seem to have mattered. I found my red rubber ball – the things that interest and excite me and drive everything I do.

Neil Kirby

CEO, TheRedRubberBallCompany

Challenger    Encourager    Optimist

Do you want to find yours?

After all, if I can, YOU CAN.

I want to see more and more people realise their fullest potential.

Let me help you realise yours.

“All is well – I can’t quite believe it. I am sure it’s because my attitude has changed. I think I am much more confident in my own abilities and am not buckling under. Your support and intervention has definitely been transforming.”

Mary Mackie

Yoga Teacher and Owner, Yoga Training Centre

You come to me because you want to change.

I believe that I’m reliable and genuine. I challenge and encourage my clients and friends to take responsibility for their life; to be comfortable being themselves and strive to be the best version of themselves. I’ll empathise and understand; but I won’t sympathise – you come to me because you want to change.

I like to seek out and experience new things, new places, new people, new ideas. But I’m practical and pragmatic – I share the things that I do and use myself; things that have worked and also that haven’t.

I donate 5% of our business income to The Red Rubber Ball Foundation as well as a great amount of my time. This covers all admin, governance, and fundraising costs, ensuring that every penny donated goes entirely towards our projects providing opportunities for others to thrive.


Above all I want my clients to have a life, not just a business.

“Neil’s coaching has been a life-changing revelation to me. He has helped me see things from a completely different angle, by leading me to make the discovery myself through our conversations. This means that the change of behaviour happens instantaneously because it comes from one’s own mind. I would recommend to take this journey to anyone, no matter what their professional status, attitudes and struggles are. Very powerful and meaningful stuff!”

Kasia Zygadlewicz

Art Director, Blue Latitude Health

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