Success is not for the chosen fewIt’s a particular person that chooses to become an entrepreneur.  In part its having an idea or seeing a gap in the market, that presents an opportunity to make money.  But there’s much about the mind-set of an entrepreneur that seems to be valuable to anyone in the world we’re living in right now, whether you want to set up a business or not.

The entrepreneur is not content for others to dictate what they do.  They decide to take responsibility for their situation and take the initiative to change it.

When things change around them, they don’t long for how things used to be, they respond. They adapt, looking at what they can do rather than doing things the way they’ve always been done.  They focus on action and results, rather than reasons or excuses.

Of course, there are no guarantees in life.  We hear the great success stories, but there are many other stories of good people, with a good idea, that just did not work out.  Entrepreneurs accept this and know that if you don’t try, you have no chance.  They believe that if they do what they think are the right things, for long enough, they give themselves the best chance.  They commit to do everything they possibly can to make sure that it does work.

Entrepreneurs typically don’t know all the answers to the challenges they face.  But they don’t allow that to stop them.  If necessary, they’ll ask others or do research until they know enough to make a start.  Again, they take the initiative.  They take action.  Then they observe whether its working.  If it pays off, they keep doing it again; and if it doesn’t work, they adjust.  They keep taking small steps and making small changes until they find something that works.

And make no mistake, entrepreneurs have the same feelings and emotions as everyone else.  They have questions, fears, and doubts.  They’ve just learned not to dwell on it.  If anything, these emotions become further motivation to make things work.  If at first you don’t succeed …..

Taken together this makes them resilient.  Entrepreneurs are determined, determined to whatever they need to do, determined to succeed, however long it takes.

A good mind-set for 2021, whatever you’re doing.