Real leaders take personal responsibility for what they do and what they achieve.  If there’s something they want – they realise it’s up to them to take the initiative.  They realise they do not need to do all the work (in fact you can’t do it all yourself), but do need to initiate.

But not all chiefs or executives are leaders – the way I see it, leadership is an attitude not a job title.

Real leaders are open to change and are prepared to change themselves first if they wish to change their business etc.

Real leaders are encouragers – genuinely caring about other people (staff, customers, clients,) investing time, money, and effort to develop other people, so they can do the best they can.

Real leaders accept that they must lead by example – that their actions, the way they behave, sets the tone for everyone else.  And they make decisions, knowing that they won’t get every decision right.  Instead, they take the initiative; making the best decision you can at the time and deal with the consequences.

Real leaders have a passion for what they do, a commitment and real energy.  They’re whole-hearted and prepared to feel uncomfortable to do what’s necessary when faced with new things.

Real leaders have a passion for their business, clients, and customers, and for their people.  They treat people (colleagues, customers, suppliers, strangers) as human beings – with carerespect, and a desire to help them succeed.

Real leaders are purposeful, with vision; an idea of where they’re going or what they want to achieve.  This allows them to prioritise, to choose what they do next.  They think, “how can we achieve what we want and what do I need to do to make it happen?”

Real leaders get things done.  They take action when others delay or hesitate.

Real leaders are accountable; if things don’t work out the way they’d hoped real leaders don’t blame others.  They ask, “what do I need to do differently next time?”