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Together with Jobcentre Plus Hatfield we developed our “Anything is Possible” programme to help people into work, looking to become self-employed or set-up their own business.

Two pilot programmes took place in 2014 and 2015

skills funding agencyThe first for Over 50’s part funded by ESF Community Grants, co-financed by the Skills Funding Agency and European Union and co-ordinated by TCHC.

The second specifically for Lone Parents, was made possible by funding from The Department of Work & Pensions, through their Flexible Support Fund.

Like with all things, whether you’re looking to get back into work or thinking of starting up your own venture, success is influenced by the skills and experience you have, but also by your attitude and application.

EUSo whilst there is already some support available when unemployed, this tends to focus on practical skills training, like CV writing. This often fails to address the real and perceived barriers people face – a knock to your confidence if made redundant, losing motivation if you’ve regularly seen applications rejected or simply ignored, questioning your worth or value to an employer if you’ve been out of work for a while, or maybe feeling that you don’t have the skills or that you’re over-qualified.

tchcOur “Anything is Possible” programme helped individuals recognise their skills, interests and aspirations, the actions they can take and encouraged them to begin to take action. They were able to identify and overcome the barriers to employment, cope with setbacks and above all make the most of their talents.

The programme of workshops and follow-up sessions focused on developing a ‘can-do’ mind-set and attitude, taking best practice from the worlds of business, sport and personal development.

In each case our programmes exceeded the targets set by our funders.


Of the 31 people we worked with, 12 are or have been in work since our programme started, with others developing new skills through further training.

Quotes from some of the participants

  • “You have changed me and my outlook on life” – Lone Parents Group (March 2015)
  • “I value your help inspiring me to achieve my best potential. Thank you very much” – Lone Parents Group (March 2015)
  • “It made me think in which direction I was going. It was just very good” – Over 50’s Group (April 2015)
  • “Started to take a new approach to unemployment. Found more energy for self employed goals. More active in reaching out to potential employers” – Over 50’s Group (April 2015)
  • “When I first went to the group I had just lost my mum at 54 and had to do her funeral myself. Then my daughter’s father died so I helped her nan with the funeral. I was in a bad place back then and also under alcohol counsellor and social services because of drinking. I can’t believe how different my life is. And it’s thanks to you. Anything is possible but first you must try” – Lone Parents Group (March 2015)