The 100 Club

The 100 Club is giving dis-advantaged kids in Kenya the chance to complete their education. 

It genuinely gives them a chance to escape poverty forever.

We’re looking to find 100 companies who will contribute a minimum of just £100, allowing us to build a Student Loan Fund so we can offer interest-free, repayable, student loans so children we have sponsored can continue their studies on to university or college.

They were supported in secondary school through our scholarship programme – where we find sponsors willing to pay the school fees charged by all state secondary schools in Kenya.  Many are orphans; others have lost one parent or have suffered from major illness in the family; for some its a family breakdown which leaves their family unable to pay their school fees.  They all just want to have the full education we all take for granted.

These students have all achieved grades which secured a place at university or college, but the local student loan system is often unreliable meaning they struggle to cover their fees.  Those students who receive loans from our Student Loan Fund commit to repaying these at the end of their studies, allowing more children to benefit in the future.

Thank you to all of the businesses that have contributed – will you be one too?






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