“Every year there are hundreds of children leaving primary school in Kenya with no hope of attending secondary school. They are resigned to the idea of being “too poor to afford education”.


Poverty holds people back

This is particularly true in the slums and rural areas.

The situation is made worse if a child has lost one or both parents to malaria, AIDS or other issues.

Even though school fees are modest by UK standards, (around £200 a year and just £375 to £750 for boarding) they are often unaffordable for the poorest families.

It is complicated further where the children are needed to work to help provide food for their family.

For girls there can also be an additional pressure of marriage at a young age.

Without our help, education can be a “luxury” they can’t afford and poverty becomes a way of life.

Education sets people free

We firmly believe that education is the key to overcoming poverty and want to offer more children the opportunity of a life-changing education.

You could help these kids
escape the poverty trap

By helping them through their education, you are ‘paying it forward’ so they can not only transform their own future but also build a better life for their family and their community.

Our scholarships change lives

Our scholarship programme gives children a wonderful opportunity to continue their education and create a better future for themselves and their family.

We work with over 30 schools across Kenya and for as little as £25 a month you could provide one child with a much needed bursary that covers:

  • secondary school education
  • full board & lodgings
  • school uniform
  • all their books.

It’s a very practical solution

Although school is often close to their home village, families prefer that the children board as they can devote all of their
time to their studies. Also, by receiving all meals at school, it eases the burden on the family.

There are other benefits too – the school may well have access to electricity so the children can do their homework after dark. At home it’s often the light of a kerosene lamp at best.

For girls, staying on at boarding school may even save them from an early marriage!


The schools we work with

The Kenyan state schools are classified as national, provincial or district; according to performance, capacity and facilities.

National schools are the most prestigious, taking the best performing children from the KCPE state exams (like SATS in the UK).

National schools generally select children scoring 400+ (out of 500); a score of 350+ will qualify for a place at a provincial school; and a child achieving 250+ will be offered a district place.

Experience suggests that children who score over 300 in their KCPE exams at primary school, will have the aptitude to go on to University (the final 4 years in the Kenyan education system).

So far 55 of our sponsored children have completed their full four years at secondary school and 27 of them are now at university or college, with others waiting on offers.

The children we help

We arrange scholarships for children attending each level of state school.

Right now we have 145 children (73 boys and 72 girls) in over 50 schools across the 3 different types of schools.

National Schools – full board

Fees around £750 pa
Scholarship donation = £600 pa + Gift Aid

Provincial Schools – full board

Fees around £562 pa
Scholarship donation = £450 pa + Gift Aid

District Schools – full board

Fees around £375 pa
Scholarship donation = £300 pa + Gift Aid

Day pupils

Fees around £200 pa
Scholarship donation = £160 pa + Gift Aid


For the price of an iPad…
you could do something amazing!


Request an information pack

Requesting an information pack does not commit you to sponsoring a child. It simply gives us the message that you want to explore the details of how this works.

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What happens next

We will contact you to discuss the children and the level of support you might want to give.

Once you are ready to go ahead, we will set up a scholarship… making arrangements to pay the school fees direct to the school and secure the child’s place.

You will receive regular updates about the child’s progress.

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