We're providing opportunities for talent to flourish


Thanks to people like you, the problem that  “we are too poor to afford education” is being overcome. Right now there are 44 boys and 40 girls, bright young people from the poorest parts of Kenya, all in secondary school reaching their full potential.

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Educational Farm

Orphaned children near Butere (in Western Kenya) get a good meal every day because of our farm. At the same time, they learn farming skills and they get encouragement and support for their schooling.

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Football Academy

The Hope Academy provides football coaching for boys and girls. More than just nurturing a passion for sport, it also provides mentoring that develops their life-skills and encourages them to achieve more in their school work.

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Red Rubber Ball Football Academy

Workshops in Kenya - Red Rubber Ball Foundation


Every year we share our life-changing workshop "Anything is Possible" with young people from all our projects. In 2014 this included Nairobi, Kenya - "Yote Yawezekana" - providing the children we support with the opportunity of a better life.

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International Links

We have established links between primary and secondary schools in the UK and Kenya. This broadens the horizons for both groups of students and can provide a very relevant focus in a number of subjects .

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International links

Anything is Possible - it can start with one act of kindness

The full impact: Paying it forward

Paying it forward  is a simple concept that starts with you and me choosing to be the change we want to see in the world.

One act of kindness might not seem like much, but when the people we help are inspired to do the same for their family and community, then the cycle of generosity can change the world.

If every person we help pays it forward just once or twice, imagine the number of people whose lives can be transformed. How amazing is that!?


Our Work in Numbers

  • 100%

    that's how much goes direct to our projects.

  • 1

    farm run by Wycliffe who keeps chickens and cows and grows crops to feed and educate local children.

  • 600

    children attended our football academy in 2014 run by Nico and his volunteer coaches.

  • 84

    scholarships for 44 boys and 40 girls in over 30 schools that serve 6 different ethnic tribes right across Kenya.


Grandma Sara Obama


She’s a strong believer in the power of education. She should know – having seen the impact first hand - raising Barack Obama Snr before he obtained a scholarship to study in America. The rest of the story is still unfolding.


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Support Our Work

There are 5 very simple ways you can get involved. Some of them won’t cost you a penny.

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It’s Life Changing

Learn how to be an everyday leader while you help us deliver the life-changing workshop ‘Anything Is Possible’.

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