Our Story

How I discovered my Red Rubber Ball

Some people know from an early age exactly what they want to be, do or have.
I wasn’t one of those people…

Neil Kirby, Chief Encourager

Neil Kirby,
Chief Encourager

After University I trained as an accountant and I was good but it wasn’t what I wanted for the rest of my life. So I went travelling – saw amazing sights, experienced different cultures and met wonderful people all over the world.

I saw the contrast between wealth and poverty is  often allowed to exist side by side. More importantly, I learned that talent is universal, but opportunity is not.

I decided that I want to help people make the most of the opportunities they have in life. I dedicated myself to learning how people achieve what they do – learning about business, learning cutting-edge techniques like NLP, learning from other people’s experiences and taking inspiration from their stories that often feature in our workshops.


The start of something very special

Rules of the Red Rubber BallIn 2009 my friend Steve Williams introduced me to The Rules of the Red Rubber Ball by Kevin Carroll. I loved everything about the book.

For starters it‘s beautifully crafted, and the messages reflect conversations I’ve often had with clients. Best of all, I read it all in about 20 minutes.

The Red Rubber Ball is a metaphor for our hopes and dreams, our goals and aspirations. It’s the meaningful ideas that we chase in life. The stuff of vision and passion and purpose.

Kevin Carroll

Kevin encouraged us to tell our story and follow our “red rubber ball”. That’s exactly what we are doing.

The Red Rubber Ball Company is about choice, passion, vision and action.

We choose to work with business clients and community groups; we choose to devote time to our Foundation projects; and we choose to donate 5% of all our coaching income to ensure that every penny donated by sponsors and supporters goes directly to our charity projects.

Our passion is seeing people develop; providing opportunities for that talent to flourish – its deeply personal.

Our vision is to see each person we work with thrive.

And we focus on now – what we can do to set up new projects, further opportunities for people to find their own red rubber ball.

Paying it forward we have changed the lives of thousands and the story just keeps getting better.
Who knows where it could lead?

The dream gets bigger with every step we take – more than we could imagine when we started. Looking forward we want to see more and more people realise their fullest potential.

We would love to show you how understanding CHOICE, PASSION, VISION and ACTION can change your situation and maybe your life.