We’re a leadership and executive coaching company with a firm belief.


Anything is possible IF you put your mind to it. What do you believe?

We work with...

If you are looking for a way to BE DO HAVE all that you want in life...
we can help you get more of what you really want.

Whatever your situation...

Personal leadership comes first
taking responsibility for your direction and for what happens next

It’s a simple but powerful idea that
real leadership is an ATTITUDE... not a job title

Before we move on...
Let’s talk about the RED RUBBER BALL

It's a metaphor…

  • for discovering your life purpose

  • for being in your element

  • for living life at its most satisfying

  • for growing in line with your passion

Discovering yours can be a challenging journey
but it is totally worth the effort
and this is where the best kind of coaching takes you

Coaching is a process

Exploring these 4 elements
can take you where you most want to be in life.

  • Choice

  • Passion

  • Vision

  • Action

Are you ready to take some giant leaps forward?

We would love to help you...

  • Clarify

    what’s really important to you

  • Identify

    the most important next steps

  • Overcome

    any issues that might hold you back (imagined or real)

  • Be accountable

    for taking action

  • Build momentum

    to your success with regular checkpoints

This is our red rubber ball

Showing people how to

  • Discover their most fulfilling potential in any context
  • Achieve the outcome they really want
  • Become more engaged in defining their own future
  • Make the changes necessary for their success
  • Develop a confidence and an ability to self motivate

Make lasting change

Helping people make meaningful and lasting change...
this is our RED RUBBER BALL... and we love it.

We challenge you, encourage you and hold you accountable so you make the changes that lead to whatever you want.

Anything is possible from here IF you put your mind to it.
It’s always the next step that matters most and that step is up to you.

What kind of leadership coaching are YOU looking for?

From the boardroom to the classroom, we’re a leadership and executive coaching company that works in a variety of contexts.

  • Coaching for business leaders

    Coaching for business leaders. Helping you become a more effective you.

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  • Coaching the next generation

    Coaching the next generation. Inspiring young people in schools & community initiatives.

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  • Red Rubber Ball Foundation

    The Red Rubber Ball charitable foundation. Unleashing potentials in Africa.

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